Are you looking for a new car? People are different and want different features in a car such as;

  • Mileage
  • The style of the car
  • The price of the car

When most consumers are asked about the quality they want most as they seek to buy a new car, a majority always go for reliability. Having this notion in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to ease your burden of searching for a new car and thus present to you the five most reliable cars.

These are cars that we settled upon after going through dependable studies, customer reports and having spent time on many customer information websites. These are the cars that appear constantly on a lot of multiple surveys for being the most reliable car models.

Kindly note that their ranking is not in any particular order…

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one type of car that is very popular within the European continent. We also found that it’s also popular with Americans too. According to a survey under taken in the British Kingdom back in 2009, the British Driving public voted the Honda Accord as being the most reliable vehicle in all of Britain.

Till to date, Honda maintains a reputation for being a reliable brand which is nearly unmatched. The Honda Accord being a top seller worldwide since its production back in 1982.

Ford Fusion

When it comes to the best reliable cars for domestic use, this is the most popular model. Consumer reports rank this vehicle as more reliable and dependable than the much more expensive Toyota Camry. If you were considering to purchase the latter, you better check the Ford Fusion first.

Toyota Prius

Even without having to conduct any kind of research, Toyota Prius is the most popular sedan car sold in the United States today. But many Europeans are buying this vehicle as it has proven its worth being among the most dependable cars on the road.

Due to minimal mechanical problems, Toyota as a company recommends buyers to change oil regularly and do inspections for the first 100,000 miles only.

Honda Civic

This is one of the most favourite cars among car buyers across all ages and gender. The Honda Civic has been ranked as the most reliable vehicle model year upon year. If you are a consumer in pursuit of dependability over appearance or size of vehicle, Honda Civic is your standard Go-To option.

Subaru Outback

Due to its jagged but highly reliable models, Subaru brags of a devoted customer fan base. Well the Outback is one such make. With a lot of Subaru fans commentary about how they turn their odometers about two to three times without reporting any major repairs.

Then again, the turbo alternative makes the vehicle not just a dependable one but one that is exciting to drive.

Piece of Advice

As technology improves and car makers continuously scramble for more consumers to embrace their brands, you should expect to see many vehicles on the roads becoming dependable (more) as years pass by.